Black Mirror Season 6 | Where to Watch the Series Online

New season of Black Mirror is now available online on Netflix!

After a long wait for updates, you can now watch Season 6 of the series Black Mirror online on Netflix. Here are all the details you need to know to watch the complete episodes.

As you may already know, each season of Black Mirror introduces us to new bizarre stories that often reveal the worst of humanity, its greatest inventions, and much more. And this time, it will be no different.

Where to Watch Black Mirror Season 6 Online

All six seasons of Black Mirror are available on the Netflix catalog, and these new episodes are one of the main highlights for this month of June. However, to watch all seasons of the series online on Netflix, a subscription is required.

Currently, Netflix offers four fixed plans with different prices available. These are:

  • Basic Plan: This plan allows streaming on one screen at a time in standard definition.
  • Standard Plan: This plan allows streaming on two screens at a time in high definition.
  • Premium Plan: This plan allows streaming on four screens at a time in high definition or ultra-high definition (4K), where available.
  • Mobile Plan: This plan is designed for mobile devices only and allows streaming on one screen at a time in standard definition.

How Many Episodes Does Black Mirror Season 6 Have?

In total, the sixth season of Black Mirror consists of five episodes, each with an average duration of 1 hour. The episodes are:

Episode 1: “Joan is Awful”

In the first episode of the season, we meet Joan (Annie Murphy), an ordinary woman who, like others, has personal secrets and dramas. To her surprise, she discovers that her life is being narrated in a streaming series. What’s even more unlikely is that Joan is portrayed by Salma Hayek in the show. The cast also includes Michael Cera, Himesh Patel (Yesterday), Rob Delaney (Deadpool 2), and Ben Barnes (Shadow and Bone).

Episode 2: “Loch Henry”

Young filmmakers Davis (Samuel Blenkin, from The Witcher: Origins) and Pia (Myha’la Herrold, from Industry) venture to a bucolic town in Scotland to shoot a documentary about the local nature. However, when Davis, who aspires to be a great film director, discovers an intriguing and scary legend in the town, he decides to change the film’s theme and investigate the new story. Daniel Portman (Vigil), John Hannah (Ant-Man and the Wasp), and Monica Dolan (Official Secrets) are part of the cast.

Episode 3: “Beyond the Sea”

The episode presents a technological version of the year 1969, where two astronauts, Cliff Stanfield (Aaron Paul) and David Ross (Josh Hartnett, from Pearl Harbor), leave their families on Earth and embark on a space mission. During the journey, however, the two experience the consequences of an unimaginable tragedy. Kate Mara (The Martian), Auden Thornton (The True History of the Kelly Gang), and Rory Culkin (The Swarm) complete the cast.

Episode 4: “Mazey Day”

Mazey Day (Clara Rugaard, from Youth) is a troubled Hollywood star facing a difficult situation. She has accidentally hit a person and is now being pursued by a horde of paparazzi. Among the photographers are Bo (Zazie Beetz) and Hector (Danny Ramirez, from Orange Is the New Black).

Episode 5: “Demon 79”

In the late 1970s, the quiet sales assistant Nida (Anjana Vasan, from Cyrano) is surprised by the arrival of a mysterious entity at her home. He introduces himself as Gaap (Paapa Essiedu, from Gangs of London) and informs that Nida is obliged to commit three acts of suffering to prevent a world disaster from happening. Katherine Rose Morley (Cuffs) and David Shields (The Crown) round out the cast.

Trailer of season:


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