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Deathloop on Xcloud with Xbox Game Pass. Play now!

Play now Deathloop without consoles or PC through Xcloud with Xbox Game Pass!

Deathloop comes to Xcloud with Xbox Game Pass! The latest title from Arkane Studios after being released on Playstation 5 last year, it will now also shine on Xbox consoles.

And to mark the arrival of Deathloop in style to Xbox Game Pass and Xcloud, a major update called Goldenloop, which promises to redesign the gameplay with new mechanics, weapons and powers. Check out the launch trailer:

DEATHLOOP – GOLDENLOOP Update | Play It Now with Game Pass

Also new is an extended version of the ending has also been added, giving one more reason for anyone who has played Deathloop on PC or PS5 to replay the story.

How to play Deathloop on Xcloud with Xbox Game Pass?

For anyone who wants to play Deathloop on Xcloud, there are some small requirements for anyone who wants to play in the cloud. Microsoft suggests an internet speed of 20MB or higher for a good gaming and imaging experience.

In addition, there is the prerequisite of being an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, which currently has the value of R$44.99 per month to have access to the entire game catalog.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can play games from the catalog via the cloud on Windows 10 PCs, Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones, and other tablets running Google systems.

It is worth remembering that to play with Xcloud, it is necessary to have compatible controls, such as the Xbox itself, Dualshock 4Dualsense or even some parallel controls.

After the user subscribes to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it is possible to enter the service’s website (https://www.xbox.com/pt-BR/play) to see the collection of available games. Just click on one to start playing.

For those who do not want to play via browser, it is necessary to download the Xcloud application from your system’s store.

Deathloop is now available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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